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Hi guys! So how many of you look around at designer clothes, shoes, handbags, or other accessories and just think never in a blue moon can I afford that? Well I’m definitely on the same boat as you, especially as a recent graduate. And as I’m sure all of you are aware the key is to find affordable, but still designer quality looks. The tough part; however, … Continue reading prada.


the not so secret method to keep those resolutions.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first (actual) post of the new year! I thought something great to weigh in on, as it is still the beginning of the new year, is motivation and sharing how I plan to and have in the past kept my new year resolutions. My resolutions for this year are: Continue living healthier by eating right and exercising. Do more of … Continue reading the not so secret method to keep those resolutions.

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autumn creations | floral dress.

Currently, I’ve been teaching myself how to create a dress. Mentally, it might seem easy (as I so thought), but in reality getting the measurements correct to make the dress fit and look symmetrical (AT THE SAME TIME) is not an easy feat for beginners. It’s been so much fun! I’ve researched online how people get their measurements and this and that, but honestly I … Continue reading autumn creations | floral dress.