crafting with strangers.

Hello friends! Lately, I’ve been keeping myself quite busy with so many projects, inside and outside of the house. Today I was able to relax and do a wonderful craft with people I didn’t even know! This was at our local library and it was mostly filled with elderly participants, but when did that ever stop me from crafting! Besides, crafting with them was just so relaxing and peaceful. They’re so much fun to chit chat with or just craft with. Take a look!


Very cute and so easy to make! NO SEWING NEEDED! So much fun and relaxing to make and you’re able to customize it to your liking once the basic instructions are followed. I’m not sure what I’ll be using it for, but instantly it reminded me of an adorable lunch box. Like I said though, haven’t decided what I want to use it for! I wish I would’ve taken pictures on the step by step procedure, but I’ll write out the instructions and provide drawings, but if any help is needed please feel free to ask me!

Supplies: 2 popsicle sticks, fabric, duct tape, and staples


1. Start off with a 26″ long and 13″ wide piece of fabric of your choice. Fold it in half vertically or in other words so the 2 shorter sides are touching. Next, cut squares on both bottom corners (where creases are) that are 1″ in height and 1.5″ in width.

IMG_2727   IMG_2728

2. Open the fabric so the side you want to be on the outside of the bag is facing down. Start layering the fabric that will be on the inside of the bag with duct tape horizontally (TIP: try different color tape to give it a better look!). Make sure the overlap the duct tape strips slightly. Continue until this whole side is covered with tape and cut away any excess tape.

3. Fold the fabric vertically again (the shorter sides are touching) so that the side you want to be on the outside of the bag are touching and the duct tape side is facing outwards. Make a mark where the center of the bag should be (~6.5″ in) on the side of the bag where no square cuts were made. From here, make a template so it’s easier to make the holes for the handle by measuring a 3.75″ by 1″ rectangle on a piece of cardboard or cardstock and centering that on the fabric and tracing. Next make lines in the traced rectangle as shown below: Repeat for both sides.

IMG_2726 IMG_2730

4. Next cut on the internal lines (dotted lines) ONLY of both handles. DO NOT CUT ON THE EDGES. Fold back each of the four flaps on both handle and duct tape down on the duct tape side. Again, do on both sides/both handles.

5. Flip the fabric so the side you want to be shown on the outside of the bag is facing up/facing you. Lay about a 1/2″ of duct tape on this side from the top. Flip over the fabric so now the duct tape side is facing up/facing you and place a popsicle stick between the handle and top edge. Fold the tape over with the fabric so that no duct tape shows on the fabric side and tape down. Trim away any excess tape that may be where the handle hole is. Repeat on the other side.

6. Fold the fabric in half vertically again so that the fabric sides are facing inwards and together and the duct tape side is facing you. Staple the sides of the bag 1/2″ from the edge and keeping the staples about 1/2″ apart. Flip over and staple on same side between previous staples. Repeat same procedure on other side. This will act as your seam.


7. Now press the 2 flaps from the seam you just created open. Holding the seam open and flat, cover with a strip of duct tape. Sometimes 2 strips of duct is better to make it stronger. Trim excess duct tape from the top and bottom and repeat on other side.

8. Now to close up the bottom of the bag, staple a straight horizontal line (as shown in picture) as far up or down you would like. The higher towards the top you staple, the shorter your bag will be and vice versa. Next, cut off the excess fabric below the stapled line about 1/2″ – 1″ below the staples. Cover up the staples with duct tape. Repeat on other side.

IMG_2732 (2)

9. Now just flip your bag inside out so the fabric is facing out towards you and that’s it! VOILA!

10. BONUS: I added an inside pocket by placing a longer piece of duct tape over a shorter piece and sticking that on the inside. Then repeating this process until the pocket is made. Finally, I cleaned up the look of the pocket by placing duct tape over it, except over the opening of course!

Hope this was somewhat easy to understand and hopefully my drawings made it a little easier to do and didn’t make it even more challenging, haha. Let me know if you have any questions at all! I’m happy to clarify anything!

Comment below and let me know what you thought of this easy DIY and if you’d like to see more! As always, thanks for reading! 🙂


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