Hi guys! So how many of you look around at designer clothes, shoes, handbags, or other accessories and just think never in a blue moon can I afford that? Well I’m definitely on the same boat as you, especially as a recent graduate. And as I’m sure all of you are aware the key is to find affordable, but still designer quality looks. The tough part; however, is having enough patience and time to search.

I wanted to share one of my most recent designer look-a-likes. However, what is awesome is the affordable find used to be quite the respected designer back in her day. The funny thing about this particular find; however, is that I actually found the affordable purse first and then came across the designer later on. Then of course I had to share with you all!

So here’s the designer purse by Prada, sold at Saks Fifth Avenue for $2,350 retail:


Now here’s the affordable purse by Liz Claiborne, sold at JCPenney for $70 retail. BUT, I was able to get this purse for only $25. How you may ask? JCPenney frequently has deals, especially during Thanksgiving and after Christmas time, where they discount their purses by 50%. And on top of that I had a $10 off $10 or more coupon during Black Friday. Plus side, is you don’t have to wait for Black Friday to get this coupon. JCPenney frequently has this coupons. Simply look at the JCPenney website or download one of my favorite apps: RetailMeNot, which you can access online too!

IMG_3378 [582198]

IMG_3380 [582199]

Of course there are some differences. For instance, it’s not Prada, the zipper handles are not fully metal, and the bag of course is not made of real leather. But, literally the purse as a whole is completely the same. The double zipper with an inner compartment that zips as well, the ability for it to be used as a tote or satchel, gold hardware, and just a very chic silhouette suitable for casual or work wear.

The moral. Stay patient, keep your eyes open, and the most important trust your style. Don’t buy things just because you think it’s “in,” buy because it has inspired your style and you love it for you!

Thanks for reading and leave comments below! Let me know if you liked this find and want to see more of them or even hear some of my tips!


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