rice paper face mask.

Hello all! During these wintery blues, I’m sure most of us are suffering from dry skin. And we all know how uncomfortable that feels, especially on the face. Today, I decided to try a new face mask I came across. One, because it’s more natural and you all know how much I love using things like this. And two, it’s much more affordable. If you don’t already know from the title, it’s rice paper. Cost me about $1.89 and you can get it at almost any grocery store. Here’s the type and brand I bought.

IMG_3387 [673176]

The benefits you may ask? Well, it will moisturize and soften your dried out skin, help whiten hyperpigmentation, and mildly exfoliate your skin. When I was researching this mask, I came across others soak the rice paper in green tea or milk. However, I always like to take things a step further and thought to myself why can’t we use other teas or even place essential oils to add more benefits.. For tonight, I decided to use peppermint tea, but by all means use any herbal or green tea you’d like! And as for essential oils my favorites are tea tree oil (great if you have acne), lavender oil (great for acne and just general soothing any inflammation or relaxing), and rose oil.

To get started, the steps are quite easy. First, soak your tea bag or a few drops of essential oil in warm water like so. Let it steep for about 2-3 minutes.

IMG_3388 [673177]

Next, cut the rice paper into 5 pieces to fit your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin just like the picture. If you would like, you can cut each piece more precisely to fit each section.

IMG_3386 [673175]

Finally, soak each piece in the warm water until it gets almost gelatin-like. Then place each piece on each section of the face. Keep on for about 15-20 minutes and peel off and dispose of the pieces. Great thing about rice paper is that it’s biodegradable. And make sure you don’t wash your face after taking off. Let some of the nutrients continue to soak into your face. Apply some moisturizer if you would like, but enjoy the softness and suppleness of your skin! Remember, like with any face mask do not to overdue it. I usually say do a face mask 1-3 times/week depending on how aggressive it is on the skin.

Let me know if you guys have tried this before and share your results or just thoughts in the comments before! 

Thanks for reading! 


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