Hello my friends! So recently I’ve been on quite the craft binge. Literally, one after the other. I was able to finish 2 paintings in one week because that’s literally all I wanted to do everyday after work. Probably not the best thing since I still had work to do, but sometimes you just need those breaks. Not only for you enjoyment, but also just … Continue reading painting.

festival of lights.

Happy Diwali, my friends! For those of you who do not know, Diwali is basically in celebration of the New Year  in the Indian calendar. It’s quite the celebration. Filled with lights, yummy sweets, and an abundance of happiness. It basically represents the victory of good over evil, the light overpowering the dark. Simply bringing in hope and light to illuminate our souls. I never … Continue reading festival of lights.

faux leather.

Hello all! One of my favorite months is arriving..AUTUMN! The changing leaves, the cool breeze, the scent, the coziness; I could go on and on. Here’s an outfit that’s perfect for this season: Faux leather leggings (Forever 21): Make a great staple piece and this time of the year always favors leather looks. Cropped gray tee (Forever 21): If you’re still in the mood to … Continue reading faux leather.