not so classic bulletin board.

Hi my friends! So if you read my previous post you’ll know that I’ve been quite the crafty creature (is that even a thing?) lately. Once I finished those paintings, I got started right away on another craft. So I was really in need of a new bulletin board. Since I moved back home from school and my sister moved away for school she wanted some of my old things so I let her have them. That kind of left me to buy something new and of course I kept putting it off, but then I came across this old bulletin board we had at home. So naturally I thought why not spruce it up a bit? I first started off spray painting it, but the color (which was supposed to be a rustic gold/brown) turned out to be more silver and metallic than I would’ve liked. I also had painted the edges a charcoal gray and used hemp string to wrap around the top and tie with a bow. So then I decided to head over to my favorite craft store, Hobby Lobby. Found some burlap strips and got inspired to use it. Take a look!




I used a hot glue gun to set the burlap strips on the board. I only used the glue on the edges, however, just in case I ever want to change up the background on my board. This way I won’t have glue scrapings left all over the board except the edges.





By the way, you don’t need to do the spray painting or just regular painting on the bottom unless you would like the color to seep through the burlap slightly.

Also, after I took the last picture I push-pinned some binder clips on the side. This way if I have anything I want to hang that I don’t want holes made in, then I can just clip them on and off as I please.

What do you think? Leave comments below! 

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