an autumn night affair.

Hello everyone! I’ve finally got back into sharing some outfit ideas, so let’s just get right into it. Black is such a universal color that suits every man, woman, child, or baby. And an all-black outfit will never go out of style. It’s classic and chic (just like Miss Audrey Hepburn) and can be dressed up so many different ways. Instead of worrying about the color of your outfit, you start thinking more about the shape and form of the ensemble, which I think people sometimes forget to incorporate. Playing around with an outfit to only extenuate the form is quite amazing because it can make even the simplest outfit pop. Take a look:

IMG_1952If you take a look at the top (Forever21), it’s just a simple black top. However, what makes it different is how it forms to your body and then swoops out at the bottom for added flair. The top works as if there’s an invisible belt built in. Sometimes when you want to keep an outfit looking simple, but still want the illusion that things are happening without actual accessories doing the trick, then these are the types of clothing pieces you want to look for.

Going along with the all black theme, I chose some black pants (Forever21). The pants are actually leggings, but the great thing about them is that they’re really thick so they are basically pants with an elastic waistband. What makes the pants pop is that they are faux leather and have the sheer finished look, which makes something so basic look so nice.

IMG_1951Also, if you love accessories and just want something to contrast against the black, I would recommend adding a neckline necklace, like the one above (Forever21). It gives just the right dose of added flair as well, without looking too accessorized of course.

And because it’s Autumn, we must finish the look off with some boots. I chose some ankle boots (Forever21) as I think Autumn is the best time to wear these the most (when’s there’s little to no snow yet). Of course, you can wear them in the winter and more lengthy boots can be worn in the fall too, but I just think these boots were made for Autumn.

IMG_1954And here’s the finished look:


(sorry about the poor picture quality, light was not on my side today)

I hope you enjoyed the look and please comment below!

By the way, I did not realize this whole outfit was from Forever21 until I started writing this post. Got to love that store and their amazing prices!

Thanks for reading and see you again Tuesday!


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