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As summer soon departs (although I am in no hurry), you must be recognizing the sweet, cool air of Autumn making its way into our lives once again. Personally, I love the transitional months the best (Autumn and Spring). You get that perfect temperature with a hint of a breeze that just brings you all kinds of relaxation and calmness. So what better way to celebrate the coming of this transitional month than to share my first outfit of the season! Take a look 🙂

Sweaters are the complete staple of Autumn and I absolutely love vintage tones, so of course I would have one in a beautiful mustard. And skinny jeans have been my favorite since they first made their appearance or reappearance years ago. I love it when they just cut off at the ankle and of course basic colors such as black and white are a must. Of course the boyfriend jeans and now the girlfriend jeans are around, which are also great, but I don’t think I can ever let go of the skinny jean (at least not now). There’s just something about wearing them that wraps up and puts the outfit together in perfection.

Without Jacket

This particular sweater I purchased from H&M. Tip: If you sign up for H&M’s mailing list, they’ll send you a complimentary 20% coupon just for signing up! The jeans are from no other than Kohls.

Another MAJOR staple of transitional months is the jean jacket. They can be on the pricier side since they are quite popular right now, but if you don’t care for brands like myself and are patient enough to wait for deals you can get one for quite a steal. This one I got from Forever 21 for only $13! How? Well, they had a deal on jean jackets that were discounted from around $30 to $21 and on top of that they had a 40% coupon for the day. So like I said if you keep patience and are on the lookout you can get quite a deal! See how the pieces look all put together:Jacket

Jacket Closeup

Closeup Top

I just love how all the colors compliment each other. Think about it, the buttons are a rustic golden, which go with the vintage mustard sweater. The jean jacket is the statement piece and pops. And the black jeans are neutral enough to go with anything plus match the tinge of black on the jean jacket.

I did not wear jewelry with the outfit because I wanted to keep the casual vibe going, but by all means if you want to wear this out at night just slap on a watch, bracelet, and/or a simple chain necklace. I personally wouldn’t recommend too much jewelry, keep it very simple with maybe 1-2 pieces at most.

I also wore the outfit with my black&white converses (which ended up matching my jeans), but I would’ve also worn this with my black&brown strappy sandals or even my brown oxfords. The outfit as a lot of deep and natural undertones, which allows so many different colors match. I was definitely pulling from color changing trees when styling this one!

What do you think of the outfit? Leave comments below! I’d love to hear 🙂


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