My name is Puja. I’m currently a pharmacy school graduate. After 6 years of living my life attached to a desk and chair, I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone and try to do things I enjoy doing. Fashion design and outfit creations are my thing or I’d like to think so. Join me on my journey to muster up the courage to actually leave my bubble and follow through with my projects, instead of being afraid of failure. These days I’d like to think failure is what helps us become greater in the things we aspire. And as a bonus (for basically myself because I love to write and share), I’ll post random things I might be up to during the day from baking/cooking, traveling, advocating natural beauty, and more. I think limiting this blog to just one of my interests takes away from who I am. There isn’t one person in this world, I bet, who just likes one thing. So why limit myself? There’s too much out there that I love and am interested in, so instead I’ll share it all!

ps. if you’re curious about my blog name “emerveille,” I created it long ago for other accounts and it just stuck. It means “marveled” or “to be amazed” in French, and I think it just describes what I want to do. I want to be amazed by others, as well as my own work; to see what we are all capable of and the positive impact we can have in our world.


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