I am a veganarian.

Hi guys! So something that’s been on my mind for quite a while now (just haven’t had time to put it in words) is how so many people are making the decision to change their diet. And I don’t just mean taking out sweets or carbs; I mean making quite a drastic change to their daily eats.

You might have seen on the news or in magazines, this “insert famous name” has just become a vegetarian or vegan! It’s all cool and I’m so glad more people are becoming aware of this lifestyle, but it sometimes makes me wonder are they doing it for the right reason? Sometimes I feel as if it has turned into a fad. Let’s be vegetarian or vegan because this person or that person is… Like I said, I’m so happy that they’re making this decision, but I would love it even more if they were more conscious about why they should or shouldn’t. I applaud those that switched from eating meat since they were little to being a vegetarian or vegan because that is not an easy task to take on. It takes a lot of courage, motivation, persistence, and patience. But once you triumph, it’s wonderful. I guess the point I”m trying to make is don’t just do it because so many others are and it’ll help you fit in with some crowd, but change your diet because you feel passionate as to why you should and because you decided all on your own. It’s actually the same the other way around. Something I noticed in college was a lot of people I knew that grew up being vegetarian decided to start eating meat in college. I mean, I’m not judging because it’s their life and they can do whatever they want, but it does make a person think. Some might do it to fit in with their friends, whereas some might have just because they rather have their diet include meat for health or other reasons. Who knows, but like I said my point is do it for yourself. Don’t let others influence your decision.

I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life. Since day one. Or actually even before that, since my mom’s a vegetarian as well (the whole family is actually). Okay we won’t go down that path. But my point is, I’ve always been a vegetarian. And in addition to that, I’ve always been a complete health freak. Sometimes I feel like I take it overboard (you can ask my siblings for proof), but it’s okay. A couple years back actually, I was just doing my regular health research and came across the vegan lifestyle. It was actually really intriguing and I thought, well this shouldn’t be that hard; I’m already a vegetarian and I’ll just have to take it one step further and the health benefits were great. Well, it actually worked for a few months, but being a graduate student and not having time to make filling and nutritious vegan meals, I had to quit and go back to just the vegetarian life, which I think is just as beneficial.

Throughout trial and error and a ton of research for a few years, I decided why stick to being just a vegetarian or just a vegan, why not combine the two? Be a veganarian. That can be something right? Well that’s what I am. I enjoy incorporating both lifestyles into one. For example, veganism doesn’t allow dairy. I don’t drink dairy milk; however, I do eat yogurt. I feel as if it’s better to get your probiotics through real food than to just eat supplements because supplements are not natural at all. At least that’s my opinion. Why take supplements when you can get it through natural food? Also, we make our own yogurt at home so it’s even healthier. I’ll share that recipe in another blog post, so stay tuned! As for cheese, I love it and don’t think I can cut it out of my diet just yet, but I have reduced the amount. It’s like I don’t even eat it, but I haven’t made it official. Another thing is, before becoming a veganarian (btw, this is not a technical term, just my own creation, in case you’re wondering why it doesn’t show up in the dictionary) I did not eat eggs as a meal (omelette, scrambled eggs, etc.), but I did eat them if they were already cooked in a dessert. However, these days I’m in the process of completely cutting eggs out of my diet. Even if it’s just a tad bit of eggs in cookies, I won’t eat it. Nothing against those that do eat eggs, they have so much protein, which is great, but as for myself I still see them as a living being. This is also the reason why I’ll never eat meat; again, nothing against those that do, this is just my personal choice. My body would not only reject it because it’s not used to meat, but just mentally I wouldn’t be able to eat it. And besides, all the nutrients people get from meat, I can get through vegetarian and vegan options.

Overall, I’m a veganarian because I chose to be. Even though I didn’t choose when I was growing up, I have made the conscious decision to stick with it now that I’m older. And all I hope to get out of this post is that you choose your diet because of your own reasons and not because you were influenced.

This is definitely not a post to get more people to turn vegetarian, vegan, veganarian (hehe), or even to begin eating meat, but I just wanted to share some thoughts and a part of my life. Let me know if any of you would like more information about how I incorporate both lifestyles into my diet or if you’d like to see some of the meals I eat!

I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave comments below if you’d like!

Thanks for reading and remember to always be you!


4 thoughts on “I am a veganarian.

  1. I used to eat dairy yogurt all the time, too, but after I went vegan I switched to soy yogurt. Most soy yogurt brands also contain live and active cultures such as L. Acidophilus, B. Bifidum, L. Bulgaricus, and S. Thermophilus. And they taste exactly the same too, if not better. I really like So Delicious, Silk, Whole Soy & Co, and Trader Joe’s brands.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I did not know they had soy yogurt. I should have guessed, since they have quite a lot of alternatives for other food already. But this is great to know, and I’ll definitely have to research more into it.

  2. It’s so nice to see someone who is on the same page as me! I found myself really relating to this post and agreeing with it all. I love that you said something about this, as I too deal with the vegetarian lifestyle since before birth and sometimes people think it’s all trendy and fun. It’s just the way I am! Anyway great post and thanks for sharing! Vegan+vegetarian is the way to be:)

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! That’s really refreshing to hear, and I’m so glad you can relate. And exactly, you are a vegetarian because it’s what makes you YOU, and that’s how it should be understood 🙂

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