hibiscus dress to a lovely bridal shower.

Hi guys! So last week I was able to finish up final exams, go shopping, and see some of my friends at a beautiful bridal shower. I decided to stay very light with the outfit. So I wore a hibiscus colored dress (Forever 21) with a lovely round cut in the front and back. The dress also had a beautiful texture to it as you’ll be able to see in the picture. This color is one of my ultimate favorites. Not only for the Spring, but also the Fall. It has a very floral shade to it that makes it great for the Spring, but also it has a darker hue, which makes it lovely for the Fall as well. I decided to wear only a gold chain necklace and a few gold rings (regular and midi) from Forever 21. Additionally, I wore my brown Nine West wedges. I think wedges are great for events such as this, they’re cute and simple (my two favorite things).



The lovely bride-to-be and I 🙂


5Not sure what I’m doing, but it’s always nice to add a weird picture here and there, haha.


Writing some prescriptions for a happy marriage. I found this so appropriate and adorable as we’re all pharmacy students.


Giggling at old jokes from the past, I believe. I have the worst habit of always fixing my hair and it always gets caught in pictures.



I thought this was such a clever creation!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and thanks for reading! 


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