Hi guys! Hope you all had a great week. As for me, I’ve finished finals and am all moved back home for the next year. I actually start on my rotations this Monday. Mixed feelings, nervous and excited. But I’m really happy to finally start a new chapter in my life. Anyways, I thought I would start off with a nice outfit centered around a burgundy maxi skirt (Forever 21). I think this outfit would be quite lovely for cocktail parties. Take a look:


The skirt has a cotton/polyester blend as the lining and covered with a sheer chiffon cover. It’s beautiful and flowy, and I absolutely love the color. As for the black&white stripped top (H&M), I thought this piece really brought a very put together look to the outfit. It is very spring appropriate with rolled up sleeves and a collar (two of the many things that I think make up spring this season). Also, I think the vertical stripes lead your eyes to the skirt, which is the prominent piece of this outfit.


As I imagined this outfit for a cocktail party, I thought more diamond and silver accessories were appropriate. The floral and diamond ring from Forever 21, the watch (Target), and unfortunately I don’t remember where the earrings are from. Like I said I imagined more of a fancy cocktail party, but by all means this outfit could definitely work with many different pieces of jewelry. Mix and match, I think that’s some of the fun with outfits. Bring out your own style and the outfit will work out on its own.


Here’s the outfit as a whole. I continued the silver accessory theme by adding the Ann Taylor sandals. Personally, I’ve always found maxi skirts or dresses to work beautifully with flats or sandals. I’ve seen them worn a lot with wedges, but I found them to be a bit too much. That’s just my take on it. Just remember to make your outfit your own. Also, as I’ve written in other posts, I’m really into tying up skirts on the side. I think tying it up makes it a bit more casual, but if you want to keep it more fancy I don’t think I would tie it up. However, I still love the look in both options.

What do you guys think of the look, share your thoughts!

Thanks for reading! 


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