las vegas, maroon 5, & other adventures.

Hello friends! So I wanted to share a bit of one of my previous trips to Las Vegas! We were there for about a week, and to be honest I did not think we would be able to find things to do for that long. However, it was a new place to explore and I went to the library like an old fashioned person and checked out books and books on sight-seeing activities and compiled it with my online research. I was shocked as to how much there really was to do besides the stereotypical things of Vegas. I was not going to go out to enjoy the ‘night life,’ as that does not interest me. But I did want to soak in every piece of sight-seeing that I could. And as you all know, Vegas has so much more to do than just going out at night. The architecture and replications of landmarks, the strip filled with hotels, people, and shops are so lovely and interesting. Granted, there are some wild things happening there (or so I’ve heard) and I’m not a wild person so I could definitely not stay longer than we had. We were lucky though that we have some family living outside of the strip within the suburbs; so we were able to experience the peaceful side of Vegas. Mountain/desert life and all. It was beautiful.

Being myself, I had created a whole itinerary for every single day we were there. And I was so pleased that we were able to fulfill everything on the schedule! Our feet were aching with blisters, but we did it! A bit of advice, don’t wear converses if you’re going to walk around all day. They will ache your feet. I should have brought my trainers instead. Oh well, lesson learned. Anyways, enough chatting, I hope you enjoy my glimpse of Las Vegas!


The night we arrived we had to go for a bit of a stroll, so we peaked around the Venetian and Palazzo. Beautiful.


Beautiful floral vines inside the Venetian/Palazzo.


Another lovely setup inside a hotel. I forget which hotel this was. Maybe still the Venetian/Palazzo?



Visiting an older Vegas hotel, the Flamingo Hotel. The flamingos and I definitely coordinated to match.


We were able to see so many beautiful flower arrangements such as this one. I can never pass up a flower shot.


Next stop, Caesar’s Palace!

DSCN1399Inside Caesar’s Palace. The interior is even more beautiful.

9Found my way to the “Eiffel Tower”, next trip will be to the real one 🙂

10Frolicking in the night.

11I think these were some of the shops in the Venetian where they literally replicated Italy’s outdoor life indoors.


Indoor ‘street performer.’ We had no idea it was a real man until he walked off once the show began.


Had to put this in. It was the largest H&M I’ve ever seen.


In front of another older hotel on the strip. Tropicana.


View of multiple hotels and their landmarks. That NY roller-coaster was short, but so fun! And the night we arrived MGM was hosting the Billboard music awards, unfortunately we didn’t see any musicians.


We got to see the red carpet! It was for the Miss USA pageant at Planet Hollywood.


I think this was near the hotel we stayed at, Treasure Island.


View from our hotel. It was amazing waking up to see this every day.


The gondola was fantastic! I think the Venetian Hotel was definitely my favorite out of all of them.


Don’t recall where this was, but it’s simply breathtaking.


Made our way to Egypt or maybe just Luxor.


Randomly got to see Maroon 5 perform.


Made a wish at the Trevi Fountain replica.


New York New York! Yes, that’s my creepy shadow.


We couldn’t resist 4 floors of candy at M&M World.


The pizza at the Paris Hotel was delightful! Can’t wait to try it when I actually go there 🙂


I don’t like flip flops as shoes, but this was the point where my feet were blistered so bad I couldn’t even wear flats. Also, I don’t know what my brother and I are doing. Silly picture?


I need to get myself a phone like this just for show.


Left the strip and off to the mountains!


Didn’t bring proper rock climbing attire, so just walked up a few levels.


These rocks are just glowing with an array of colors. What a sight to see.

I wish I could have included more pictures, but I feel like these were already so many. Hopefully you enjoyed and it made you want to visit! If you’ve already been, I’d love to hear about any sight-seeing things you did.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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