cuffed jeans.

Hello all! Hope you all are doing well. Finals are coming up for me, so I just wanted to forewarn you guys that I may get behind on my blog posts. I’m trying to stay ahead, but I’m sure you know what happens when finals come around. Anyways, I’ve been into cuffed jeans for a while now, but I’ve been noticing a lot more people doing it also. So I thought I’d share one of my more recent looks. Well sort of recent, it was when the weather was still being bipolar and we’d have a random cold day at the beginning of spring.


These so called ‘boyfriend jeans’ are from…Kohls of course! From my favorite collection also, LC. They have a few tattered bits, which make them very casual, informal, and great for everyday wear. The sweater (Forever21) is quite adorable. If you didn’t know, I love buttons. They are possibly one of the cutest things in the world. And what I love more about the buttons on this sweater is that they create such a prominent line all the way to the top. So if you decide to button-up fully (like I would in this case) you’ll get a very nice crew-neck; and since the buttons are a shiny gold they act as an accessory all on their own. Personally, underneath I would just wear a camisole or a short, cotton shirt. I would do this mostly because it’s the sweater that’s the prominent feature and since we are not showing off what’s underneath you could essentially wear whatever you want. Here’s a closer look at pieces.


I decided to accessorize  with just a simple necklace and nothing else. I think the sweater has enough going on that you don’t really need much jewelry. You could always add a nice gold chain bracelet if you wanted though! Also, I decided to go with some nice peep-toed heels (Forever 21) with this outfit. Literally, these are the FIRST heels to not hurt my feet, despite how long I wear them. I don’t know how or why, but these are miracle heels.



Love to hear you thoughts!

Thanks for reading!


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