Hello everyone! So something I really enjoy doing apart from styling and designing clothes is traveling. We usually travel every summer and random winter breaks also. Last January, my cousin, sister, and I visited Long Beach, as well as different parts surrounding the city. We were able to go to LA, Santa Monica, Irvine, Carlsbad, Universal City, and Burbank (Where I saw ellen! Just kidding, I wish. But we did see her studio!). It was quite an adventure. We all really enjoy site seeing, and California is definitely a site to see. Coming from the Midwest (complete flat lands), it’s so beautiful to see the mountains, tropical trees, actual ocean beaches, and so much more. Here’s a peek at our California adventure: California 062

 View from the plane of the Rocky Mountains. Gives off a Mordor vibe, right?

California 073

Here’s another view from the plane as we are about to land in Long Beach.

California 065

Long Beach airport is so pretty, small, but lovely. We really enjoyed this little boardwalk they had set up.
California 114

Finally touching real ocean water!

California 145

Santa Monica Pier, the ambiance was very relaxed. Just beautiful.

California 136

Literally the BEST falafel we had ever eaten. Hummus Bar Express needs to find its way to us.

California 157

Being ultimate tourists on a bus tour through Santa Monica and LA.


The Hollywood sign, apparently from the very spot the sign was made to be seen from (according to our tour guide). Really cool.

California 196

On the set of Friends!

California 201


California 202

Made our way onto Privet Drive at WB Studios (excuse the bad picture quality).

California 298

California 294

Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal in one day. In Legoland, of course! Everyone told us not to go to Legoland, but we just couldn’t surpass this moment. Next Legoland we will travel to will be when we head to Europe:-) (hopefully soon).

California 373

Got to check something else off the bucket list, read at the beach. Although, we didn’t get much reading done since we were just too relaxed and mesmerized by the atmosphere.

Oh hello!

California 404

Ending our trip with delicious Mexican enchiladas at this lovely place in Irvine. Can’t go to California without having an authentic Mexican dish.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Love to hear any comments!

Thanks for reading!


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