mixing prints.

Hello! So as promised, I’ll be showing you guys how I would complete an outfit with the tea-skirt I made. I always imagined wearing this skirt with a sleeveless, white, collared button-up; however, I don’t really have one in full white. That is definitely on my purchase list or maybe that’ll be my next creation ;-). Also, I went on a bit of a shopping extravaganza and purchased a bit of a haul, so you’ll see a lot of new things I bought (especially in this post). Something that always happens to me when I shop though is I always convince myself to buy something cause I’ll think it won’t get any cheaper and then low and behold the next store I enter it’s on sale. So of course, being me, I have to go through the hassle of purchasing the cheaper item and returning the other. It always happens, but hey rather save a few pennies then not, right? Also, the Antropologie people probably think I’m a total nut job. I always come into the store, make my way through each section imaging so many possibilities with their items and then leave. That’s it. I have yet to purchase something from there, maybe when I graduate and have a real job. I swear, an orchestra will start playing in my head when I make my first Anthropologie purchase.

Anyways, here’s the outfit: Mixing prints is one of the greatest things ever; at first you may feel a bit awkward cause your eyes aren’t used to the mismatch, but trust you instincts. More often than not, those different prints were made for each other. That’s exactly what I did, the skirt was floral, but a thin striped top (Forever 21) paired perfectly with it. Match made in heaven. Okay maybe not that far.

IMG_0996The white on the top connects with the white flowers on the skirt. Also, the gray base of the skirt goes well with the black stripes.

I then added gold accessories to match with the yellow flowers. But you could also do silver since the outfit has black, gray and white colors also. I just thought gold looked nice because there wasn’t anything to really bring out the flowers.

IMG_0998 IMG_0997

These pieces are from Forever 21 (part of the haul I was talking about earlier). The rings include a few midi rings as well, and this really great regular ring/midi ring combo. They both connect by a gold chain; it looks so lovely. Also, I’m really into simple necklaces at the moment. A thin chain with a little piece at the front, just like this one. It puts together the outfit very well without making you look too flashy, especially when you’re just hanging out throughout town during the day.

Since the days are getting very sunny, we all need a great pair of sunglasses. I chose a pair of cat-eye ones (Charming Charlie), but I really like round sunglasses right now too. However, I don’t have a pair of those (yet another thing on the wish list).


 Here’s the finished look:

IMG_1001What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

Tune in next Thursday as I do another Top Trends post. Thanks for reading!


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