tea-length skirt.

Hello everyone! I have some great news; guess what I’ve finished! My first full skirt (aka circle skirt). Let me tell you, it was quite a learning process. For a good majority of the time, I would have to wing it because the instructional books and videos I would take a look at would guide me, but wouldn’t ultimately show me how to create exactly what I wanted. Sometimes I come across instructions to make a skirt without a zipper, some with zippers that didn’t show you how to put in the zipper properly, etc. There was  so much that went into making this skirt especially since I had to make it by creating 4 sections and sewing those together; instead of the generic circle skirt where you fold your fabric a certain way, snip snip a bit, and you’ve already got the skirt made. You’ll just need to add a waistband, zipper/buttons/fasteners/elastic band (whichever you prefer), and hem. By all means though, I’m not complaining. Creating this skirt was such a great experience. It was nice to know that I could tailor this skirt to however I imagined it in my head, instead of searching for countless hours in the stores for what I’m looking for for the price I’m willing to pay. This skirt literally cost me around $10.

The first thing I ever sewed was when I was still in elementary school, and it was a little bag with cotton fabric that held all my sewing materials. I literally showed anyone that came over to our house, thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. I then sewed a teddy bear cause I thought I could do it all, yeah what an attempt that was. I wish I still had the pictures to show you all. Anyways though, hope you enjoy.

 I got the fabric from JoAnn. 100% cotton in gray with yellow and white flowers. Take a closer look:


Full skirts are quite popular this spring season, so I’m really excited to wear this out. What makes it better is knowing that I created it myself; it really is one of the greatest feelings ever. Complete accomplishment.

If you’d like to know how I made this particular skirt, let me know in the comments; I’ll put up another post going through the process. Hope you liked it! Check in on Monday to see how I would dress up this skirt.

Thanks for reading!


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