Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever (well for me at least) top trends :-). I’m quite excited about this, now I can share all my favorite trends without getting distracted from outfit creations and postponing these posts. So let’s dive right into it. Top trending item for me are trousers (in case the title of this post didn’t give it away). I literally have the hardest time stopping myself from purchasing more. They’re great and go with anything. You can wear them to work, a night out, or just casual daytime wear if you dress them down a bit. Just lovely. Take a look at some of the ones I have in my closet:

From a small boutique I don’t remember the name of (whoops), in navy blue with a brown belt.
photo 3
LC collection from Kohls, in lavender.
photo 5
Jennifer Lopez collection from Kohls, in black.

Mine are all a bit between wide-legged trousers and form fitting. I think my next purchase will be more of a form fitting style and maybe I’ll choose a bolder color choice, ey? Pair with some nice oxfords, ballet flats, heels, etc. They literally go with anything, which is great when trying to recycle clothes and create new outfits. I think that’s one of the challenges of fashion I find exciting. It’s not like we have a never-ending cycle of clothes (or maybe you do, you lucky person you), we need to get creative and make new outfits so it seems brand new. The possibilities are nearly endless.

 As for tops, I think I would choose a nice crop top (not something that shows off the midriff too much; I love the style, but I’m definitely not comfortable enough to pull it off), a chiffon blouse that you can fully tuck in or tuck just in the front for a more laid back look, top off the outfit with a cute blazer if you want to be more professional, and so much more. Side note: if you haven’t noticed, I have a bit of an obsession with Kohls. And if you haven’t already discovered the magic of Kohls, you need to go asap; coupons AND sales all the time, need I say more.

Here’s a peak at how I might wear the navy blue trousers:

Top from JCPenney.
Top (reminds me of a 70’s pattern) from JCPenney.

 Are you a fan of trousers? (or am I just a weirdo obsessing over them)

How would you guys style your trousers? 

As always,  I’d love for you to share your thoughts and suggestions and even pictures of your favorite trousers! You can also see what I’m up to by following my twitter and instagram if you’d like. Thanks for reading everyone ❤


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