60’s grunge.

Hello friends! So I’ve been seeing a lot of comeback pieces lately and I wanted to ask you all, what do you think about all these statement pieces from the past coming back these days? I find it great how so many old time pieces are being revamped and worn nowadays. It makes styling clothes even more fun. And the thought that people back then actually wore things similar to this is just mind boggling and awesome. I recently read somewhere that tattoo necklaces (aka “chokers”) were coming back. I don’t know how I feel about this. However, I am definitely guilty of owning  one or two or a couple in the 90s. They may find a place since music festival season is amidst us, but don’t think they’ll last very long. Who knows though! What do you guys think about this and other items coming back in style? Anyways, besides the 90’s, I think the 60’s had quite an impact on fashion. And that’s where my post today is inspired from.

post 3

Slightly destroyed, acid-washed pencil jeans in the color gray. In my mind these jeans are a bit of 60’s meets 90’s. I added a sleeve-less, button-up cotton shirt in the color light blue. This color combination just works so well. I thought tying up the shirt completed the outfit more and made it more casual and put together. It also helps show off the waistline which was very prominent of the 60’s.

I then thought to add a hair staple of the 60’s. Headbands! I chose this floral piece with a gold chain. You could do a great many things with this. Tie your hair up in a messy bun with the headband, try different braids like a halo braid with the band intertwined, or even let your hair fall freely with soft waves and use the headband to give your hair an extra bump at the top. I didn’t actually do the hairstyles I had in mind, but would you guys be interested in seeing different hairstyles? Because I would love to share. Maybe I will.

post 3I like to add a small statement piece on my wrists, so I chose a golden, textured bangle to finish up the outfit. post 3I think this outfit would be great for festival season. Simple, but integrates many pieces and styles into one. Add some open-toe ballet flats to stay with the 60’s style or add some converses to make it more 90’s/present day. Actually now that I think about it, I would actually cuff the jeans at the bottom. See styling outfits is a continuous process, so many things can affect you perfecting the outfit to suit you.  Here’s the outfit as a whole (I feel like this would be seen in The Outsiders, great book by the way!):

post 3Would you wear this or something like this? I’d love to hear feedback. Stay tuned for my first Thursday Trends post this week where I’ll share a trending item on my list right now. Hope you have a great week!


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