another spring day, another outfit.

Hello everyone! I was going to change it up for this post and put together a few trending items that I really like at the moment, but then I thought of this outfit. So of course I had to post it. I’ve decided to start a Thursday Trends post so I can share my favorite trends with you guys. So look out for that. But as for now, enjoy this little piece:

outfit #2 Once again I always like to start with the base. The best time to mix and match different seasonal items is between the transitional months, when it’s not too warm to call it spring or summer, but not too cold to call it fall or winter. Or in other words, the awkward months. These months are probably the best in my book because you get a broader range of choices. Anyways, I got the knit sweater with pieces of ribbon woven through from Kohls (LC collection). You’ll notice a lot of my clothes are from the LC collection; she just has a great selection of pieces. And you won’t believe where I got the skirt. One day I decided to rummage through my mom’s clothes from back in the day. No idea where it’s from, but all I know is it has entered my closet, and thus shall be worn. Go through your mom’s old things if she still has them; more likely than not you’ll find a bunch of great things at no cost. There’s no better way.

I decided to knot the skirt on the bottom to add more definition, but by all means it’s not required. Tailor the skirt to your liking.

Time for the accessories. I really wasn’t imagining anything fancy with this outfit since it’s already very laid back. So once again, simple it is. I just slapped on a few gold bracelets (Forever 21) and called it a day. Because there’s so much going on with the outfit pattern wise, I think jewelry should be at a minimum. Otherwise there would just be too much confusion over the outfit and it would lose balance and simplicity. Another one of my tips: If you have heavy patterned pieces keep the accessories to a minimum since the clothes will already stand out all on their own.

outfit #2

As for shoes, simple, closed-toe, open back sandals were what I chose. I really like the teardrop cut-outs on the front. They’re adorable. The shoes are from Ann Taylor LOFT and silver in color, which match the off-white sweater very well.

outfit #2

Now for a bag. I was between a satchel and a backpack. Both are excellent choices so just go with what you’re feeling. Since I chose a satchel-like mini purse for my last post, I decided to change it up and go with the backpack (JCPenney). It’s a faux leather backpack with a very lovely floral interior and many pockets. I like how I can practically fit anything in there; it’s like my very own Mary Poppins bag.

outfit #2

That’s it! Here’s the finished look once put all together:

outfit #2

What do you guys think of it? Let me know if you have any thoughts of suggestions, I would love to hear! By the way, I’m finishing one of my projects today so stay tuned for its reveal. I can’t wait to show you all!


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