welcoming spring.

Hello! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so happy spring is officially here and the last bits of snow have finished falling (hopefully). I decided for my second post I’d show you guys a little bit of my spring style. I find it fun to just mix items you normally wouldn’t put together such as colors, patterns, texture, etc. You’ll see. For me creating outfits is an art form. Everything must be balanced  from composite to overall feel. That part is a bit hard for me to describe, but I hope I can explain by going through how I chose this particular ensemble. After creating this outfit I wanted to wear it out somewhere, but I had no place to go. It’d be a little silly if I just wore it around my place. I could just hear my mom say, “What are you doing, going to a wedding?” Even though she know it’s not wedding proper, this has just become her generic response when I dress up for no reason; you can’t help but laugh.  But I digress. Let’s get to the outfit 🙂


So just to go through my thought process, I first started with my main piece, the dress (Forever 21). A mint base with burnt orange and navy blue petaled flowers. What I find great about this dress is the navy blue buttons that lead up to the collar. Collars are definitely one of my top trends right now, it’s like a built in neck accessory without the extra baggage. I then think, okay what’s a spring necessity? Why jean jackets of course. However, instead of using a jacket, I decided to keep it a bit lighter and use a jean collared shirt (LC collection from Kohls). The dark blue jean and mint contrast is one I absolutely adore. Plus the bonus of burnt orange!? Fantastic! The added collar from this shirt allows for collared layers, giving the outfit more dimension. Also, I think rolling up the sleeves gives off a relaxed vibe. Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m about to go gardening, even though I’m not. But you know, pretend. And then I decided to tie the bottoms of the jean shirt together, which helps define your waistline by working as a belt and help divide the top of the dress from the bottom giving the illusion of two separate pieces. 2 in 1 outfit tricks are great!

At this point my wind wandered to accessories. Since I was going for a look between casual and dressy, I decided to stick with light accessories. I chose a gold chained necklace with an Eiffel Tower charm, as you can see below (Forever 21). [ side note: going to Paris is on my bucket list, well actually backpacking across all of Europe. One day. ]


I find it cool to wrap the necklace around my neck underneath the collar, so the charm is the prominent feature, but either way would look great. Just depends on your mood, you know? So at this point I wanted something on my wrist. My go to accessory for my arm is a watch. I think watches add more proportion to the piece, but also keeps you from looking too overdressed.  So I chose a gold metaled watch (Target), which continues my subtle gold theme.


Haha, I just realized the time  on the watch does not coincide with the time I took the picture, which was in the afternoon. I decided to turn off the watch by pulling on the set tab so I didn’t waste the battery. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, who thinks of this stuff. For some very odd reason I do. Anyways, if you’re thinking what I’d do for earrings I would recommend studs. I’ve always preferred studs over  long, heavy earrings. Don’t get me wrong, I will wear them on occasion, but I just enjoy simple studs more. Bows, geometric shapes, etc. There are so many options and any would work. Now to finish up the outfit, shoes and a purse.

I could not choose whether I liked brogues, flats, or a simple wedge. Honestly, I would go with either. It just depends on what I was feeling that day. Today I chose these older, brown wedges from Nine West because they’re very subtle and simple. Also, the color keeps with my theme.


Then to finish the outfit, I chose a small, tan, crossbody (Target). As for myself, I would wear it on one-shoulder instead of as a crossbody, but always do what you think feels more comfortable. That’s the ultimate goal, make sure you feel comfortable. That’s definitely one of my top tips when choosing outfits. Some may say ‘beauty is pain,’ but I don’t think style/beauty has to equal pain or the annoyance of having to adjust your outfit every few seconds. I think your style can only be beautiful if you feel 100% comfortable and confident in it. Don’t wear something because others tell you to, wear it because you want to. Excuse the sappy advice, but it’s true! Now for the finished product.



What are your thoughts on this outfit, would you wear it? How would you tailor it to your style?

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Friday’s post!


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